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Warranty & Homeowner Resources

Building a new home involves between 50-100 people, plus countless materials, deliveries, all in the extreme environmental conditions of our Minnesota climate.  

As a locally owned business, we recognized you value stability and strength, along with flexibility of a smaller business who can customize a home to your every need.  Inspire Homes has contracted RWC warranty company for the sheer strength they offer, and ability to help us warranty your new home for up to 10 years from completion.


To submit a warranty request, simply complete our online warranty request form and a member of the warranty staff or subcontractor will contact your regarding your request to schedule an appointment. Service appointments are available from Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We ask that non-emergency requests and routine maintenance repairs be submitted in list form only at  60 days after your closing date and 11 months after your closing date.  Please note during the first year it is normal for homes to experience changes in moisture equilibrium in wood and other construction materials.  Painting and other cosmetic issues will be addressed only at the 60-day time period.  Issues such as caulking, drywall, and trim work, and nail pops will be addressed only once during the 1-year workmanship warranty at your 11 Month request for service to allow the natural settling of the home.   

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