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We're all visual, and looking for ideas.  Here's a good place to start.

Your home is only as good as its weakest links!
Inspire will help with energy efficiency, design, layouts, structure,
and of course we'll make it

Our services will include remodeling advise, plans, permits pulled and inspected in which the municipalilty which the home is located.  Our policy is attention to every detail, communicate with you at every step of the way,   


Design your new space

Inspire homes offers a variety of design consulation options.  We have state of the art drafting software that will allow you to visualize your new space which will help if you can't see through the walls yet.  Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable with your purchase prior to starting construction.

Start Construction

Construction is a systemized disassembly and reassembly of a home.  Here are some of the basic steps in a typical order of completion.  We have an amazing electronic scheduling system which allows us to communicate between you, our contractors, and keep you up to date on timing, costs associated with your project, and more.  


1. Purchase Home, inspect, plan, and close on home.

2. Demolition or deconstruction - this is where we tear out the old and prepare for the new

3. Rough-ins and inspections - any new or moved plumbing, electrical, low voltage, heating/ ventillation, and framing of structural walls, windows, siding, and roofing are constructed and inspected by a city official.

4. Drywall is installed, taped, and painted.

5. Hardwood floors if applicable, tile floors, and/or vinyl floors.

6. Tile work in bathrooms if applicable.

7. Trim and Cabinets- counter tops are measured at this poing

8. Counter Tops - if granite, quartz, or other solid surface may take up to 2-3 weeks beyond cabinet install.

9. Final installs of Electrical outlets, lights, and low voltage components, and plumbing fixtures.

10. Rough Clean - Your home will be professionally cleaned.  We meet for an orientation and overview of the final installations.  Any fixes or tweaks are mentioned at this point.  Final clean and move in is roughly 7-10 days after Rough Clean.

*This is a typical order of construction, but every home, buyer, municipality, vendor, and lender is unique and a plan will be created for each individual.  Order is for informational purposes only.

Move In to your new home

Moving into your newly renovated home is the final step.  Knowing that Inspire homes has carefully renovated your home allows you to to sleep easy.  Renovations are led by Brian Helvick, the leader of Inspire Homes to lend his years of new home experience, along with vast resources and knowledge of renovations to ensure we'll do it right.  Call us today.

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Inspire homes will help you see beyond the walls and roof.  We will re-Imagine its capabilities.
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